The Missionary Baptist Churches composing the Gaston County Missionary Baptist Association, holding membership in the General Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, Inc. (www.gbsconline.org), representing Jesus Christ, convinced of the necessity of a fellowship, in order to promote Missions, Religious Education, Christian Service, and the Preaching of the Gospel and to cooperate with the General Baptist State Convention in its work.

The purpose of this Association is to:

A. Promote Christian training and education opportunities and exposure to all who will take advantage of its benefits.

B. Help cultivate and nurture the local churches.

C. Promote Home Missions, State and Foreign Missions.

D. Promote and foster the objectives of the General Baptist State Convention.

1. Shaw University
2. Shaw Divinity School
3. J.J. Johnson Campsite
4. Central Children Home
5. Foreign Missions
6. State Missions

E. Support all of the objectives adopted by this Association and to align ourselves with the churches of surrounding counties and state in order to promote the kingdom of God.

Phone# (704) 824-1249


Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1174, Gastonia,
North Carolina 28053

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